Dedicated to improving skin health

Skin Research Group of Canada (SRGC) is represented by a consortium of new and established investigators across Canada working in basic and clinical research on skin disorders and diseases. SRGC is a non-profit organization promoting basic and clinical science related to skin biology and health.

By supporting skin research, the SRGC contributes towards improving the health of patients suffering from skin diseases by identifying novel preventative and therapeutic strategies. Applications of recent scientific advances have produced diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in dermatological/surgical practices, particularly in genetics, skin cancer, allergic skin disease, infectious disease and autoimmune diseases.

SRGC plays a pivotal role in the Canadian skin research landscape by supporting the exchange of knowledge and expertise among researchers, industry representatives, and patient groups. Its annual meetings and collaborations facilitate effortless knowledge sharing. SRGC actively encourages collaboration and interdisciplinary research by fostering partnerships with related societies, such as the CCTC, CDA and DermUpdate to create opportunities for joint research projects and cross-disciplinary learning.

SRGC recognizes the significance of nurturing young investigators, including faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers. It provides them with platforms to showcase their work, gain exposure, and contribute to the field. To enhance scientist-industry partnerships SRGC actively involves industry partners as speakers and mentors in workshops, fostering stronger ties between scientists and industry. This collaboration also helps translate research findings into practical applications and advancements. Promoting scientist-patient group partnerships is an important goal of SRGC as it acknowledges the crucial role of patient groups in understanding and addressing the needs of those affected by skin disorders. It actively engages patient representatives in research and trainee programs to ensure that the research pursued aligns with patient perspectives.

The SRGC Annual Conference represents a great platform for skin researchers in Canada to come together to advance skin science, promote collaboration, interact with skin disease patients and support the next generation of skin scientists. These annual meetings strived to bring together researchers, industry partners, and patient groups involved in skin research and have served as a platform for sharing scientific advancements, fostering collaborations, and strengthening partnerships. The SRGC annual meeting has evolved to become the premier national conference focused on skin research in Canada.


Tenzin Kungyal, PhD

Anie Philip Lab , McGill University

Participating in SRGC was an incredible opportunity where I had the chance to present my research, exchange ideas, and receive valuable feedback from esteemed scientists from all over the world. The conference's overall organization and arrangements were exceptionally well executed, adding to the positive experience.


Amani Hassan, PhD

Anie Philip Lab,McGill University

I attended SRGC three times during my Postdoctoral training and I had gained extensive knowledge. SRGC provides great opportunity for students and researchers in dermatology field to share expertise and to build new connections and collaborations. SRGC brings together the varied community of researchers, patients, and physicians together and stimulates creative, superior research that enha...

Neha Dinesh, PhD Student

Reinhardt Lab, McGill University

I have been a part of the Skin Research Group Canada (SRGC) since the year 2021. During this time, SRGC has given me numerous opportunities present my research work at Skin Research Conferences, which are reputed research meetings facilitating research discussions of highest quality and value.

It has been a great honor for me to be a part of the organizing committee for the meetings hel...

Meital Yerushalmi

University of Toronto

 I attended SRGC twice during my PhD and had a fantastic experience. SRGC presents a unique opportunity for trainees to not only engage in a scientific exchange with other dermatology investigators but also learn about relevant career avenues in the industry through designated sessions.

Being jointly held with the Canadian Dermatology Association conference, SRGC offers extensive n...