SRGC 2017

SRGC 2017 4th Annual Conference

May 17-18

SRGC's 4th Annual Conference was held in Montreal, Quebec jointly with the 23rd Canadian Connective Tissue Society Conference.


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Anie Philip, PhD
McGill University
Stéphane Roy PhD
Université de Montréal


It is our pleasure to welcome you all to Montreal for the SRGC symposium hosted at the McGill New Residence Hall in Montreal, Quebec, on May 17-18, 2017. The SRGC represents a multidisciplinary group of new and established investigators from basic and clinical research disciplines, who are focused on skin repair, healing and restoration.

The SRGC symposium is the premiere annual meeting for scientists and clinicians interested in skin tissue healing and repair in Canada and provides an excellent forum for them to interact and exchange knowledge and ideas and network with patient groups and industry partners.

This year’s symposium features speakers from across Canada and cover current hot topics in the field of skin basic and clinical research. It also encourages and recognizes the work of young scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students in the field of skin research by providing them the opportunity to present their work at scientific sessions. Prizes will be awarded for best trainee oral and poster presentations.

The SRGC 2017 organizing committee members look forward to seeing you all in Montreal in May 2017!


Program & Abstracts

Invited Speakers

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Dr. Aziz Ghahary
University of British Columbia
Dr. Murray Baron
Division of Rheumatology,
Jewish General Hospital,


Dr. Girish M. Shah
Laval University
Dr. Lucie Lessard
MUHC, McGill University



Best Oral Presentations

 "A Salamander-Derived Protein (Sdp) As An Inhibitor Of Tgf-Β Signaling And Fibrotic Responses"

Ahmed Al-Qattan
Division of Plastic Surgery
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

"Role of microfibrillar protein interactions in ECM assembly and function

Heena Kumra
Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry,
McGill University, Montreal, Canada












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