SRGC 2021

SRGC 2021 8th Annual conference

November 11 - 13

Skin Research Group of Canada's 8th Annual Conference was held at Le Westin Montreal, Quebec from November 11- 13, 2021, a joint meeting with the DermUpdate Fall Conference in a hybrid format (Virtual and onsite sessions). 


Program & Abstracts

President's message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 8th Annual Skin Research Group of Canada (SRGC) Conference. The SRGC annual meeting is the premier national conference focused on skin research in Canada and has been held since 2014 after its inception in 2013. The SRGC conference represents a great platform and a highlight for skin researchers in Canada to come together to advance skin science, promote collaboration, interact with skin disease patients and support the next generation of skin scientists.

The SRGC 2021 conference is held in a hybrid format of in-person and virtual. We have a greater than usual attendance this year. The continued growth of our meeting is an indication of its high quality and impact. This year’s meeting is co-chaired by Dr. Jeff Biernaskie from the University of Calgary and Dr. Josh Vorstenbosch of McGill University. We will have more than 140 attendees including researchers, clinicians and trainees from across Canada and a few international participants. The organizers have recruited a roster of distinguished thought leaders as keynote speakers, including Dr. Michael Longaker of Stanford University, Dr. Robert Gniadecki from the University of Alberta, and Dr. Sarvesh Logsetty, University of Manitoba. 

The SRGC conference was established primarily as a liaison to bridge the gaps in basic and clinical skin research. A major focus of the conference is to encourage and motivate the next generation of young Canadian skin scientists by giving them the opportunity to showcase their research, as well as to interact with leading scientists in the field. Promising young basic- and clinician-scientists are recognized by providing best presentation awards, travel awards, and other engagement awards.

The objectives and anticipated impact of the conference is:

  • To improve the skin health of Canadians by stimulating knowledge exchange
  • To facilitate the interaction of basic- and clinician-scientists
  • To enhance the interaction between scientists and skin patient groups and industry partners.


Again, welcome to SRGC 2021. I hope you will find the meeting to be both stimulating and rewarding. Thank you.


President, Skin Research Group of Canada
Anie Philip, Ph.D.
Professor, McGill University
Welcome message from SRGC2021 Co-chairs
On behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee, we would like to welcome you to the 2021 Skin Research Group of Canada Annual Scientific Meeting. As in years past, SRGC2021 will serve to showcase the very best in Canadian basic science, translational and clinical skin research.

We are particularly excited about this year’s conference.  The quality of abstracts across the wound healing & regeneration, clinical skin research, inflammatory skin diseases, skin cancer, and basic science domains impressed all the reviewers, leaving us confident that SRGC2021 will be our best yet. 

We think that the breadth of our content will appeal to basic scientists, clinicians, and industry partners alike.  And that by bringing together skin researchers from across Canada, we hope to further promote multi-disciplinary discussion and forging of new collaborations that will ultimately propel Canadian skin research even further forward. 

This year SRGC2021 will be strategically held in parallel with DermUpdate, which will provide attendees with additional opportunities to learn about recent advances in understanding pathogenesis or novel therapeutics related to psoriasis, eczema, acne, skin cancer, autoimmune diseases, wound healing and many other topics. 

Along with presentations from outstanding faculty and trainees from across Canada, we have an incredible slate of invited keynote speakers who will provide state-of-the-art lectures in pertaining to different aspects of skin disease and innovative therapeutics.

We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Michael Longaker from Stanford University, who will share his pioneering work into fibroblast biology and the influence of tissue biomechanics in determining wound healing outcomes.  Dr. Robert Gniadecki from the University of Alberta will share new insights from his laboratory into the origins of cutaneous lymphoma. Dr. Sarvesh Logsetty from the University of Manitoba will discuss emerging innovations in clinical management of burn injury.  Our final keynote lecture will be delivered by an SRGC founding member and a tireless advocate for interdisciplinary and translational skin research, Dr. Anie Philip of McGill University.

Again, we are very excited about this year’s program.  SRGC 2021 will be offered in a hybrid format; both in-person at the Le Westin Hotel in Montreal and virtually in order to maximize our engagement across the skin research community.  We look forward to sharing our programming with you as we celebrate cutting-edge skin research here in Canada.


SRGC2021 Scientific Organizing Committee Co-chairs

Jeff Biernaskie, PhD
University of Calgary


Joshua Vorstenbosch, MD PhD FRSCS
McGill University

Highlights of the Conference


Keynote by Dr. Anie Philip-"Role and Impact of SRGC in Advancing Skin Research in Canada"

SRGC Welcomes Dr. Ivan V Litvinov as President



SRGC 2021 Best Oral Presentation Award Winners

Muthu Lakshmi Muthu
McGill University
"Sex-specific role of fibrillin-1 in adipose tissue development and function"

Sarthak Sinha
University of Calgary
"Single-cell multi-omics reveals skin regeneration is enabled in the absence of fibroblast inflammatory priming"

Elodie Labit
University of Calgary
"Preferential recruitment of immature neutrophils enables robust skin regeneration"

Martin Barbier

"Ex vivo gene therapy of skin cells and autologous bilayered skin susbtitutes as a potential treatment for Recessive Dystrophic"

Amani Hassan
McGill University
"Targeting the CD109-IL6 pathway in Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

Geneviève Rioux
Université Laval
"Study of the role of pathological keratinocytes and their communication with T cells using tissue-engineered psoriatic skin



SRGC 2021 Best Poster Presentation Award Winners

Mbarka Bchetnia

Université Du Québec à Chicoutimi
"Successful Allele-specific inactivation of autosomal dominant epidermolysis bullosa simplex mutation using CRISPR/CAS9"

Andréa Tremblay
Université Laval
"Docosahexaenoic acid supplementation of cell culture media leads to optimized barrier function in tissue-engineered reconstructed skin"

Santina Conte
McGill University Health Centre
"Cutaneous Melanoma Incidence and Mortality Trends in Canada from 2011-2017"



Invited Speakers

Michael T. Longaker
MD, MBA, DSc (hon) FACS

Sarvesh Logsetty

Robert Gniadecki
MD, PhD, DMSci






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